About Honee

Honee is a discovery, booking and engagement platform for all wellness and beauty businesses in Australia.

Honee started with a group of friends who realised that the beauty industry has been left behind in the internet revolution, and felt like it was in the dark ages. 99.8% of all bookings in the beauty industry occur over the phone. This industry is where the restaurant industry was 5 years ago. For most venues, they handle their appointments, rosters and payments by pen and paper -- in 2017! Bladerunner was set in 2019, we almost have flying cars but 60% of these venues don’t even have a website.

Honee is already the market leader in online bookings, this is just step #1. There is still such a long way to go to make their salons cutting edge (pun intended). You can help us revolutionise the industry in Australia, and with the backing of Australia’s #1 VC we will take this worldwide together. Our team has been immersed in the beauty industry for the last 18 months, and we are excited to introduce you to the most interesting, eclectic and passionate group of SMB merchants who all need your help to throw out the pen and paper.

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